The New Normal


of people will experience a mental health issue at some point their life


of people have mental health issues at any given moment.

The New Normal

FACT: Mental health issues are very common

We are all equal parts mind and body. Most people readily talk about their physical health being less than perfect, but find it terrifying to admit that their emotional life is less than 100% healthy. Yet symptoms of anxiety and depression are very common. The real problem in society is the implication of what this means. Stigma still keeps 50% of the people needing help from ever seeking assistance. At ACS, we strongly emphasize wellness and believe that seeking help is fundamentally a sign of psychological health in the same way that going to the YMCA is healthy for our bodies. We all play a role in emphasizing wellness or emphasizing pathology and we’ve found it to be more helpful to celebrate the process of becoming healthy.

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